Popular Instant Messaging will read the days about WhatsApp‘s features. But now know about the design change. Although it has not changed completely, but the company has redesigned the settings menu. This layout is new and icons are also new. Let us know that this is for Android users only.

This change is currently made in WhatsApp v2.19.45. This is for beta testers and it will be given to all users soon. The icon given in the new design has been made interactive. You will now see the icon in Whatsapp’s account settings. In the current Whatsapp, these options do not have any icons and they are similar to text.

The icons of the main settings of WhatsApp have also been changed. To step verification had the first icon of a lock, but now it has been changed too. Apart from this, the payment option has also been added to the main setting and the Icon has been changed from the earlier.

Within the Whatsapp settings, the network usage option is available. Tapping on it will now show different icons here. Here is how much data you have used and what has been used for it. Different categories are divided into categories. These include categories, such as media, calls, Google Drive status and messages. Data consumption here can see which data is consuming in the category. Apart from this, you will also be able to see how many send and receipts have been received from Total Message, Photos and Video. This feature is already, but now its layout has been better than ever and icons have been changed.


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