Mark Zuckerberg (Photo: Reuters)

Audio of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has leaked. In this audio, he is talking to his Facebook employees. Most of the audio clips in the entire Facebook, he has said many things in this audio. The audio clip has been received by the American tech website The Verge.

According to The Verge, a 2-hour audio clip has been received. This is a meeting where the question and answer session is going on. This Q&A session is between Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook’s Employee. According to Verge’s report, in this Q&A session, Zuckerberg is asking the company to unite against its employees, critics and the US government.

Significantly, questions have been raised on Facebook about privacy and recently the Federal Trade Commission has imposed a penalty of $ 5 billion on Facebook. The reason for the fine is to misuse user data and keep users in confusion.

Recently, American Senator Josh Hawley told Facebook that the company will have to take action to solve the privacy-related problem. He said that Facebook should be divided into many parts. He also met Mark Zuckerberg and told him to sell Instagram and WhatsApp. Not only this, but he also asked Zuckerberg to conduct an independent third-party audit regarding censorship. However, Mark Zuckerberg flatly denied this.

Zuckerberg said, more than Twitter’s revenue, he spends on Facebook’s safety.

In the leaked audio, Mark Zuckerberg says, ‘The issue cannot be solved by breaking any companies like Facebook or Google or Amazon. Election interference is also not expected to decrease with this. This can further interfere with the election because now companies can not do the job of coordinator and ‘

In this audio clip mocking microblogging website Twitter, Mark Zuckerberg is saying, ‘Twitter cannot do a good job like us’, laughing that we spend more than the entire revenue of Twitter only on safety.

Zuckerberg said that he cannot go for hearing in every country of the world.

According to Verge’s report, Mark Zuckerberg has said in this audio that he cannot go for hearing everywhere in the world. Different people want to do this. Taking the name of Cambridge Analytica, he said that as soon as this issue came up, the American and European Union were heard in the union. But in every country, they cannot go to this kind of hearing and there is no meaning.

In this report, Mark Zuckerberg has said about the American presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren, “Elizabeth Waren thinks companies should split up, if she becomes president, I can say with the claim that we have legal There will be a challenge and I also claim that we will win this legal challenge as well. But is it bad for us too? I do not want a big case against my government. But if someone threatens something, you fight ‘ does not confirm the veracity of this audio clip.


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