The instant messaging app is working on a new feature of WhatsApp and its beta has been subscribed. The company probably wants to support users of this app browser, which is currently under development.

According to the report, these app browser features will show the app every time users open a link on the Whatsapp app. In the current version, the phone’s default browser is open as soon as the link is opened on the Whatsapp app.

The report says, “If you select to open a link in this app browser, your browsing history will not go to Whatsapp or Facebook, because it uses the feature API (Android Application Programming Interface), so everything System manages’

Significantly, this feature was given in the Safe Browsing feature smartphone with Android 8.1 last year. It is being told that this feature is being made to detect Unseref pages so that dangerous links can be detected. If there are any bad content on that page, then you will be warned already.

This feature is being tested under the Google Play Beta program if you are a tester then you can get this feature.

Talk about the other new features of WhatsApp, it is news that the company is preparing to offer a feature like reverse image search. For this, Google’s APIs will also be used and WhatsApp will be able to search the image itself. It is also being tested and beta users have been given this feature for testing. Whatsapp has been working on many strategies to curb bogus news and rumors and it is also being part of it.



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