Foldable iPhone

New Delhi: This year, smartphones and technology are going to be very special in the world. It is expected that in India this year 5G will be a trial. Apart from this, the most waiting is for the Foldable Smartphone. So far Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi, LG, and Lenovo have announced that they will launch the soon-to-be-launched smartphones. In the meanwhile, Apple has also announced to launch the Foldable Smartphone. The company has recently patented this design.

This design was patented by Apple in 2011, but it was updated in 2016. Many design sketches have been leaked from the company’s patent design. The design of the phone is available through the sketch. According to media reports, the name of Apple’s foldable smartphone can be ‘wraparound iPhone’.

According to the released sketch and media reports, the smartphone also has an edge to edge display. Also, there will be no headphone jack and home button. It is also claimed that instead of rear buttons, the virtual keypad can be seen. To make the phone fold, the display will be made so that it can be folded on both sides. It is also being said that if the ‘wraparound iPhone’ is successful then the Foldable MacBook and iPad can also be launched. Hopefully, this smartphone will be launched in 2020. At the moment, the official statement will have to wait.


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