iOS 14 Launched: Apple launched iOS 14 for iPhone during WWDC 20. New features have been given, the home screen has been changed and some special features have also been given.

iOS 14

The World White Developers Conference (WWDC2020) of the American tech company Apple has started. During this time the company has launched iOS 14 for iPhone. Many new features have been given, some old features have been updated and changes have also been made on the home screen.

These top features will be available in iOS 14

App library

The App library is provided in iOS 14. Under this, you will be able to organize the application. For example, on the home screen, every category of apps will be in groups in one place so that you do not have trouble finding.

Picture in picture

This feature is already given in Android smartphones. Under this, in the floating window on the home screen, you will be able to watch videos while doing other work. This feature will be beneficial for multi-tasking. This kind of feature was given some time ago in WhatsApp too.

Widgets on Home screen

iOS 14 offers a variety of widgets for the home screen. If you have used Android, then you will know about it. Actually, the application can be used by inhaling it. By placing the widgets of different apps on the home screen, the usage of the apps can be better used.

Translate App

Apple has also launched a new app. This translation app of Apple will translate into different languages. According to the company, this app processes convergence using the iPhone’s neural engine. It will also work without the internet. The company has said that the focus has been on privacy for this.

This app will help those people who communicate in different languages. This app will be available with iOS 14. This app also enlarges the text so that both communicating people can easily see it.

App Clips

Apple has announced App Clips with iOS 14. Under this feature, users will be shown the preview of the application. For example, you go to a shop and there is an app that is not in your iPhone, you can scan the phone and access the app without downloading it.

The company has synced the app clips with Apple Pay and Sign in with Apple. That is, you will be able to use that app without any hassle.


With iOS 14, the company has made major changes in the message. The company wants to make it similar to WhatsApp. Now you can tag someone by creating a group in the iPhone’s Maze app. Apart from this, group photos will also be available here. The user interface of group chat has been revamped and new memos have been given in it.

Pinned conversation in message

After the iOS 14 update, you will be able to pin any message in the iPhone’s Messages app of your choice. After pinning, that message will appear at the top.

New features in Car Keys and Apple Car Play ..

Apart from all these features, Car Keys has also been introduced. Under this, you can use the iPhone as a car key, but for this, you should have only BMW’s chosen car. New features have also been added to Apple Car Play. Car Play has a new layout with new wallpapers.


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