Fitness for most is more than just making sure that the body is in excellent physical shape. Those who find a way to fit exercise into their busy schedule, find that they have a much better attitude and have much more energy, feel more confident and have a higher sense of well being. Even with so many benefits, many people still find it hard to stick to regular exercise, this is generally because the fitness programs and exercise routines that we get into become boring, you don’t get the results you want and this demotivation often leads to giving up.

With this in mind Studio 3 was created, the first of its kind in Phuket. What makes Studio 3 Fitness different? Studio 3 is not a large corporate gym, it is a small personalized exercise studio offering a variety of Group Training classes taught by international qualified instructors. As there are limited spaces you will receive individual attention from the fully qualified personal trainer, it is teacher & owner Sarah’s input and personal touch that makes Studio 3 Unique. This strict fitness class only studio has group sessions to suit individual fitness levels and uses the latest class techniques. No matter your shape, age or fitness level you will receive non judgemental help and advice on the right class for you.

Located in Chalong, Studio 3 has been designed by Sydney based Charlene-Claude Sansour. Sarah’s ideas combined with Charlene’s creativity made a great team, as Studio 3 has a fresh and energetic appeal. Space has been used well and this colorful studio presents a comfortable environment to exercise. Classes are limited so that the teacher can focus on each individual, ensuring that they get the best results by performing exercises correctly.

Classes have been designed at Studio 3 not only to relieve that boredom factor but also to guarantee results. Tried and tested over several years and structured in a way, that can burn up to 500 calories in just 45 minutes, providing a complete solution for both women & men to reach their weight loss, fitness, and health goals. The more you enjoy the exercise the more willing you will be to do it and not think about giving up.

Studio 3 also offers personal training, as well as a weekly class schedule and has several packages available to suit each and every type of fitness enthusiast.


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