Due to medical mistakes, more than 138 million patients are harmed every year. The World Health Organization (WHO) has given this warning just a few days before to celebrate ‘World Patient Safety Day’. According to the news agency Effe, WHO’s Patient-Safety Coordinator Dr. Neelam Dhingra-Kumar told in a press conference that inability to correctly identify the disease, errors in prescription and treatment and improper use of drugs are the three main reasons why All patients have had to bear the brunt.

The expert said, “These mistakes occur because health systems are not properly prepared to deal with and learn from these errors properly. They admitted that many hospitals hide what they have done wrong, which often It prevents them from taking steps to prevent it from happening again in the future.

The figures provided by WHO on Friday only show countries with medium and low economic status (where 80 percent of the global population is), while the actual number may be higher if developed countries are taken into account because of developed countries. Also, one out of every 10 patients suffers from medical mistakes.

Examples of these mistakes include being treated in ways they were not designed for, mistakes in blood transfusions or X-rays, cutting off the wrong limbs, or surgery in the wrong part of the brain by not performing surgery on the diseased part Big mistakes like paying taxes keep coming.

Neelam cited factors that lead to such mistakes such as lack of clear hierarchy in some hospitals or lack of adequate communication among employees.

According to the Geneva-based organization, the healthcare system has suffered a loss of about $ 42 billion (37 billion euros) worldwide only due to mispronunciation of the drug. From this year onwards, WHO will celebrate ‘World Patient Safety Day’ on 17 September every year to raise awareness about these problems.



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