Hacking Master Mind 17-year-old Clarke

Recently the biggest hacking ever happened on Twitter. During this time many high profile accounts were hacked. These included accounts of former US president Barack Obama, Bill Gates, Elon Musk, and rapper Kayan West.

Since this was a big hacking and no hacking group had taken responsibility for it. According to the report, a 17-year-old man is behind this hacking.

Hacking Master Mind 17-year-old Clarke ..

Graham Evan Clarke is a Florida resident and a high school graduate. This young man has been arrested and 30 charges have been imposed on him. These include charges such as fraud, hacking, and felony. Let us tell you that this young man will have to face charges as an adult only.

It is being told that Graham Evan Clarke was the mastermind of this Twitter hacking, while two more individuals were involved with it. One of them is Mason John from the UK, who is 19 years old. While the other hacker is Nima Fazeli, who is 22 years old.

It is important to note that shortly after the hacking came the news that behind this hacking there is a person named Mr. Krik. Now it is coming out that Clarke is Mr. The name Kirik was active.

According to a report in the New York Times, the Florida attorney handling the case has said that Graham Clarke was so skilled that he could not get hold of Twitter’s internal network.

How Clarke did the biggest hacking on Twitter so far?

Recently, Twitter has said in a statement that after investigation, the company has found that this hacking of Twitter was done through Spear Phishing. We have told you about speaker phishing.

Even after these three were caught, it has come to light that for this hacking, they had adopted a method of fishing. It is also called Spear Fishing Attack.

Access to the tool taking the Twitter employee into confidence ..

It is being told that Clarke somehow assured the Twitter employee that he is an employee working with him and works in the technology department.

According to the New York Times report, Florida’s Criminal Affidavit states that Clarke gained access to the Customer Service Portal by calling himself a technology worker. After this, the three hackers together hacked 130 accounts and scam Bitcoin.

Even before this, there has been a track record of hacking ..

Clarke has done many hacking earlier also and because of this, the investigating agencies were already trucking it. According to the report, in April before the Twitter hack, the Secret Service had seized bitcoins worth $ 7 million.

The FBI has said that Fazeli and Clarke have been arrested on Friday while Shefford is due to be taken into custody.

The NYT report says that a special agent in charge of the FBI has said that investigations into cyber-breech cases take years, but this time the hackers have been caught in weeks.

How were hackers caught?

These hackers had not done any major hacking before. It is being told by the court documents that his plan got shattered in a short time and he gave up his hint of real identity.

They left a trace of their real identity in a bid to hide the money acquired by the bitcoin scam and the agencies caught the three hackers.

Twitter released a statement after the hackers were caught. The company has thanked the law enforcement agencies for the swift action on this case. The company has said that Twitter will also work closely with agencies for this case.

Twitter has said, ‘We are focused on being transparent and constantly updating’


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